You will have significant experiences.
I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of
them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh
your memory of these meaningful and significant things.
Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you.
Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some
may build upon another until they represent a lifetime of
special experiences.
- Gordon B Hinckley

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tummy Time...

Dear Family and Friends,

The procedure to drain Zac's back was completed yesterday at 5:30pm.  The surgeon drained 24ml of CSF fluid out of his back.  This is about 15% of the total circulating CSF fluid in the body.  After the fluid was removed, the surgeon injected a two part patching agent into the hole where the CSF was leaking from.  According to the surgeon, there were two positive things that draining the fluid told us.  First, the fluid was a rusty, amber color, implying that it was old fluid.  Fresh CSF fluid is typically clear.  Second, during the procedure there was a 10 minute delay when the surgeon was able to watch the leak area.  During that time he saw no active leaking.  All great news!  The surgeon feels that the leak had likely sealed itself off, but he was glad to  get the fluid removed and the pressure released.  Zac has done really well with staying on his stomach for the past 24 hours.  He has a back brace on, a 10 pound weight in the middle of his back, and he is only allowed to use the restroom and sit up to eat.  He's taking the positioning like a champ!  Just looking at him is uncomfortable.  I can't imagine what he is feeling not being able to move.  But he knows this is necessary to avoid another surgery.  

We received the pathology results today and we are happy to say the tumor is BENIGN!!!!!!!  Praise God!!!  It is a stage II which means it is slow growing, but not the slowest growing (which would be stage I).  So, radiation is pretty much definite.  We are meeting with neuro-oncology tomorrow to determine a course of treatment.  

Overall the news of the past 24 hours has been so, so encouraging.  I know that is in huge part to all of your prayers and positive thinking for us!  Thank you for continuing to give us your strength.  

Believe in Miracles,

The Bollinger Family

P.S.  Zac has lost over 30 pounds since being admitted!  He looks great!  Not the best way to lose weight but we will take it :-)  

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